Wednesday, 20 January 2010


Beach house's new album, Teen Dream, is set for release January 26, 2010. This band seems to do no wrong, and with title track Norway  leading the way, it is obvious to see why they are one of the greatest inspirations for all things adventures. Considering they were leaked on the internet back in November 2009, we may ask why they have been denying us for so long? Perhaps to tease us, perhaps to drive us insane, perhaps to make us really appreciate it, we're not sure? Whatever the reason may be, we cannot wait to hold this delightful album in our longing little hands. Tipped to be one of the best releases of 2010 (or should we really make that 2009?) this is an essential album to own in the lead up to autumn (or spring for those northern hempishere types)...

In 2008 (yes, we have been waiting one and a half years for this baby!), Victoria and Alex performed our favourite song in an Oslo train station, possibly the most fitting place for this song to be heard (other than perhaps, lost in the surrounds of Sognsvann in the wee hours of a spring morning). This was the hauntingly perfect result.

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