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scotch of saint james
vigilante neck tie party
album review for text by el molly

For a band that has been flooded with attention throughout the local and national scene over the last year, THE SCOTCH OF SAINT JAMES’s release of their debut album ‘Vigilante Neck Tie Party’ is well over due. However, for those who have been eagerly following Perth’s rock darlings, it will not disappoint.

Produced by the talented Mr. Dave Parkin (Blackbird Studio) the album carries the listener through the various dark and light moments of The Scotch’s psyche, much like a lonesome road trip (something even the cover artwork implies). Having no shame in showing their influences, this album sounds very much like something you would expect to hear if the howling guitars of Kasabian and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club joined forces, The Scotch still manage to create a sound that won’t get lost along the well traveled rock ‘n’ roll road.

Opening with ‘Square Eyes‘, a track that triple j picked up last year and was spinning instantly, and moving straight into ‘Blue Plastic Spoon’, it is perhaps the outstanding silky qualityof Bobby Burgess’s guitar skills that is the first thing to deliciously smack you in the face. It doesn’t take long though for the rest of the band to stand out, the vice-like grip of Timothy Hazmah’s bass playing and the hot drumming of Simon Roggio direct the sound to a place where Paver Pickins (vocals) can easily drive it home.

However, with its raucous guitar and drum combination, the melodically strong and in-your-face immediacy of Hamzah’s ‘Hey Man’, is a track which could have quite easily opened the album and absolutely a clear single choice. In fact, the band could have, and perhaps should have, opened the album with one of the more direct tracks, such as ‘My Bloated Country Pride’ which can claim the best riff found on the album. These stronger songs could certainly have better held their place at the start of this type of debut album.

Steering through the LP, it is clear that Parkin has addressed each song individually. Varying drum tones and tempos throughout the album, he has crafted a well produced sound whilst preserving that band-in-a-room experience – one of the greatest qualities of The Scotch, a band which is just as remarkable live. The delightfully coarse sound of ‘Sir Richard McGavin’ being an obvious example of how you would be just as enthusiastic a listener live, as you would be dancing alone in your bedroom.

The polished sound of ‘Did None Boy’ and ‘Oliver’ (definitely Parkin’s best work on the album) continue that concept and prove that this band took its time refining the album, to take it to a place where it truly reveals what they are all about – something you would expect to hear now from a band like alternative rockers Arctic Monkeys, who have already recorded several hit singles and 3 major albums together.

With at least 3 ‘sick-as’ singles to choose from, hot drums, hot bass, hot guitar and vocals that represent everything that is great about the rock ‘n’ roll sound, it is crazy to think these guys are still unsigned. Although, with a forthcoming national tour and a second album rumoured not far away, The Scotch of Saint James is undoubtedly one of the most promising Perth bands in the rock scene today who are sure to be snatched up soon. And, ‘Vigilantly Neck Tie Party’ is only going to send these lads speeding into first position on the independent rock ‘n’ roll road.


i took some pictures at brianjonestown on 25th of february 2010 at capitol.
matt hollywood and el molly chantry are now friends.

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Caleb Dunham is my ex-housemate and close friend's little brother who came to visit us in Oslo last Autumn (Northern Hemisphere Autumn). Living in Toronto, this Canadian born guy has it. I'm not sure what he dreams of being later in life, nor what his favourite activities are, but i do like the pictures he takes and the jokes he makes. The Dunham boys are amazing and i hope i get to see both of them very soon.

These pictures are a selection from his visit to Oslo. I'm the girl in the fort.


I have begun my 7 day challenge to find a free ticket (no success so far), otherwise im dressing up at the bison and sneaking in through the museum.

Highlights / Must sees are:
Wild Beasts, Whitley, The Middle East, Daniel Johnston, The XX, Echo and the Bunnyman, Dappled Cities, Florence and the Machine and Eddy Current Suppresion Ring.

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popfrenzy presents camera obscura's australian tour, with slow club as support. playing tonight at amplifier in perth.

text from popfrenzy:
It’s always the unassuming ones you should keep an eye out for – they’ll blow your mind and break your heart in an instant.
Such is the case with Camera Obscura, a group you’d expect to find in the library rather than defining your record collection or, for that matter, your summer. After wowing Australian audiences in 2006 as part of the Laneway Festival Camera Obscura pack their bags (vintage suitcases, natch) and head over to Australia for the second time on the back of their critically lauded fourth record, My Maudlin Career.

Hailing from Glasgow, Camera Obscura follow a rich pop tradition embedded within Scotland’s musical heritage. Like Belle and Sebastian and many others before them, Camera Obscura have a grasp on shattered hearts, literary lyricism and perfect embellishment that comes out as a lustrous display of indie pop’s finest.

Centred around the “Dusty meets Nancy” vocals of Traceyanne Campbell, Camera Obscura blend Motown, twee, maudlin sentimentality, orchestral indie and sixties girl group pop to build a sound that is wholly their own and an audience that is deservedly cult-like. Sonically lavish, on stage Camera Obscura present the most affecting pop performance you’ll find this side of the sixties and the most euphorically reflective pop you’ll find this January. Or maybe ever.



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Beach house's new album, Teen Dream, is set for release January 26, 2010. This band seems to do no wrong, and with title track Norway  leading the way, it is obvious to see why they are one of the greatest inspirations for all things adventures. Considering they were leaked on the internet back in November 2009, we may ask why they have been denying us for so long? Perhaps to tease us, perhaps to drive us insane, perhaps to make us really appreciate it, we're not sure? Whatever the reason may be, we cannot wait to hold this delightful album in our longing little hands. Tipped to be one of the best releases of 2010 (or should we really make that 2009?) this is an essential album to own in the lead up to autumn (or spring for those northern hempishere types)...

In 2008 (yes, we have been waiting one and a half years for this baby!), Victoria and Alex performed our favourite song in an Oslo train station, possibly the most fitting place for this song to be heard (other than perhaps, lost in the surrounds of Sognsvann in the wee hours of a spring morning). This was the hauntingly perfect result.